Monday, April 18, 2016

Track Work Party - Sat, April 23rd

Saturday, April 23 - Work party at the track. We need a lot of willing hands to clean the concession on the inside and paint walls and floor. The equipment has to be moved so we need some strong guys. Plus, there is lot's more to do in preparation for the re opening of the track, 8am to 2pm.

Thanks, in advance for all your help.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Parent Council Meeting March 15


Parent Council Meeting on Tuesday March 15. Homewood Suites on Fruitville Rd. Second floor board room. 6:30 pm hope to see everyone there. Lot's to talk about. Work party's coming up. Things to finalize. Gold Cup race coming up and also SCR which will need all of our immediate attention. Plus the Grand Opening ceremonies. We look forward to the opening of the new track with so many new faces and helping hands to do it with. The excitement from the riders alone being able to ride the track for the first time will be so rewarding. Let's share our ideas and make it happen!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Work Party this Saturday March 5th

Work Party at Track on Saturday March 5th starting at 8am. We will be painting the Concession and Registration building. We need volunteers to help freshen up our facility for the Grand Opening. So anyone who can paint, wear some old clothes and come join us. Martin will be adding trim inside the reg bldg, he needs some help, also. The track is mostly finished and in order to keep it safe from the weather for another few weeks we need to cover it with tarps and sand bags. We need some strong guys in the morning who can help with getting the tarps and sand bags in place. This has to be done before we get rain. We certainly will appreciate all your help.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Track Update: The Corners have been Paved!

"Sarasota BMX is looking so good. Berms are asphaulted, clay is in the right places and looking as smooth as ice. Hope that start hill gets here soon. It is looking good." - Alice Bixler

We are not riding yet but this month we have a work party on the 5th, a parent/council meeting on the 15th and a community day on the 20th. Stay involved!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rider Recognition

Sarasota BMX wants to share with these two athletes a milestone in their young racing career. Recently Gianna Clark moved to the Girls Class from Novice and Russell McCord moved to the Expert Class from Intermediate. We are so proud to say they both came through the BMX rankings from our very close knit Strider Group. Congratulations to both of these riders and thanks to their parents for their support.

With our track being closed during the construction it is more difficult to keep up with all the riders. We do not want to overlook any of them and if we have we apologize. Parents please notify us if we have overlooked your child and we will make sure they too get the recognition they deserve.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

SSA Championship Venue Change & Track Update

The track construction is moving right along and looking good. The turns will be asphalted by Friday. We had one snag along the way which has to do with the installation of the ramps. The ramp manufacturer had been ready to go for several months already, but due to all the city's requirements it was delayed. With everything resolved the ramps are being manufactured now. The latest completion day we have been given is early July.

We will host an entire day of fun and track time at our Grand Opening in July. The county commissioners, parks & rec, the mayor, plus all the people who are responsible for bringing us this beautiful new track will be there for the ribbon cutting. There will be a live band, lots of food and entertainment for the kids. You will not want to miss it. Thanks to EliteTrax and Tandem Construction for getting us to that day! It will be worth the 6 yrs we waited for this day, it was February 2010 when we first presented this project to the county.