Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sarasota Rider Goes to Worlds!

Our very own Dena Dawson is competing in the UCI BMX World Championships in Belgium. She has had two days of practice and will be racing in the 15 girl class on Wednesday. We want to wish her a safe and winning race. Bring home the Gold, Dena. It is such an honor to have our rider representing the USA in Belgium. Here at home she loves to help the new and younger riders at our track and as recent as our Open House on the 11th she was on the track helping all the new riders. Bring the Gold to Sarasota, Dena!

Live Stream of the UCI Worlds

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Night Races Cancelled

The June 23 Tuesday Night race has been canceled due to the small turn out we have been receiving plus the extreme heat. We are going back to just practice on Tuesday evenings. Practice 6 to 8 pm.

Good news for July. The races will all be Trophy races. $7 for the first entry and if a rider wants to race class and cruiser it will only cost $10. We will have 4 races in July, 10, 17, 24, 31. These 4 races will include Strider racing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sarasota Riders who Rocked the Florida Cup

2015 SSA Florida Cup Series
We are so proud of our riders from Sarasota. Great job you guys. We had a lot of #1 plates come back to our track. Joe Higgins doubled in Expert and Cruiser. Congrats to all. You made us proud. We apologize if we missed anyone below.

3 under Novice - #3 Tanner Burden
4 Novice - #1 Giana Clark, #4 Shea Bartholomew,
# 7 Joey Russo, # 8 Jacob Florea
5 Novice - #1 Daniel Cannizzaro, #3 Josiah Ridings, 
6 Novice - #3 Walker Snyder, #4 Kai Bartholomew
11 Novice - #6 Lannie Barnhill
12 Novice - #2 Katelyn Coons, #4 Justin Rak
28-35 Novice - #4 Brent Florea
46 Novice - #1 Arthur Harris

5 Intermediate - #1 Russell McCord
6 Intermediate - #8 JT Diago
7 Intermediate - #1 Trent Mullet
8 Intermediate - #10 Caleb Farnum, #11 Jeremy Rak
9 Intermediate - #6 Cooper Woolf, #12 Ty Kelly
11 Intermediate - #1 Ranson Coons, #2 Chad Romans
12 Intermediate - #5 Joshua Burgess
13 Intermediate - #6 Austin Morris
14 Intermediate - #8 Bradley Wiglund 
16 Intermediate - #5 Kurt Henderson
18-35 Intermediate - #1 Justin Kilvitis

8 Expert - #8 Austin Smith, #10 Devin Miller
10 expert - #8 Tyler Roberts
11 Expert - #2 Wildon Ivey, #4 Landon Garrett
12 expert - #5 Evan Schaeffer, #7 Nathan Garrett 
14 Expert - #1 Joey Leto, #3 Scott Hall 
15 Expert - #1 Kendal Wong, #2 Andrew Duncan, #5 Jonathan Craft
16 Expert - #2 Robert Schaffer 
17-18 Expert - #11 Nicolas Mayner
28-35 Expert - #1 Joe Higgins

7 Girls - #2 Jocelyn Ridings
11 Girls - #1 Amanda Taylor, #2 Kayla Morris
14 Girls - #1 Dena Dawson, #5 Shelby Duchesney
15-16 Girls - #1 Rebecca O'Connor, #5 Paige Bobzin
31 over Women - #2 Tammy Higgins

10 Cruiser - #3 Tyler Roberts
11 Cruiser - #3 Ranson Coons
12 Cruiser - 3 Evan Schaeffer
13 Cruiser - #4 Austin Morris 
26-30 Cruiser - #1 Joe Higgins 
41-45 Cruiser - # 2 Joseph Misak, #9 Raul Diago 
51-55 Cruiser - #3 Frank Alexin 
11-12 Girls Cruiser - #2 Amanda Taylor, #3 Kayla Morris

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Olympic Day Race Open to the Public

Saturday - June 27, 2015 is our annual Olympic Day race. The race is open to everyone. You can ride a bike? Bring your bike and join us. You need to wear long sleeve shirt and long pants plus a full face helmet. No membership required. Parents need to sign a waiver for all non USA BMX members.

Registration and Practice 9am to 10:30am. Race at 11am. No entry fee. Our spokesperson during the Opening Ceremonies will be Paul Schulte, a 2x Paralympian gold medalist. Paul plays for the USA Men's Wheelchair Basketball Team. Plus he is the father of our very own 5 and under novice rider, Brady. We are so fortunate to have Paul in attendance on this special day.

We will use the Olympic scoring system for this race. Olympic medals for all riders presented on the podium. Please, invite all your friends and neighbors to join us for an enjoyable day of celebration. Bring your cameras as it will be a day for taking pictures of all activities to share with the USOC. We have a few BMX bikes and Striders for loaners plus helmets. All you mothers and fathers who have always wanted to ride the track, this will be the day to try it out. More details as we get closer. Mark your calendar. June 27.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Results

Sarasota BMX proudly congratulates our brave mothers who raced the Mother's Day race on Sunday at Cape Coral. It was the high light of the day. There were more people standing along the fence for this event then for the Pros. Sorry, pros but the mothers took priority this day even with the podium presentation of gift cards. We think you all agree it was their day!

There were four groups and this is how our girls placed. Stefanie - 1st, Jana - 1st, Kathy - 2nd, Jen - 3rd, Carole - 5th, and Tammy - 2nd . We are hoping they will become members and we will have female cruiser classes each Friday night.

We are so proud of our Sarasota girls. They did such a fine job!!